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Top Ten Signs You Need Help!

When it comes to marketing communications support, many organizations think they have things under control, but in reality, their programs may be inconsistent, disjointed or a total mess. Here are ten signs that you actually need help. The good news is that working with an experienced fractional CMO or freelance consultant may be more budget-friendly than you think!

1. When asked what you do, your team gives different answers.

2. Your social media feed is inconsistent.

3. The color palette used on digital and print pieces is inconsistent or unknown.

4. Your website has broken links.

5. The sales presentation has outdated content.

6. Potential customers cannot find you.

7. You can’t explain your value proposition clearly or succinctly.

8. Your agencies are making more money than you are.

9. The lead time for a new piece of collateral is longer than your own sales cycle.

10. You have no lead nurturing program.

These are some common pain points we see with potential clients, and we can tailor a program that addresses the most immediate pain points you have today while developing a long-term road map to get the entire marketing engine running smoothly and productively.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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