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Marketing Programs That Power Growth

Updated: May 29, 2023

When it comes to marketing programs, everyone wants more… more clicks, more traffic, more revenue. However, “more” doesn’t just magically appear. It takes thoughtful, powerfully messaged programs executed consistently. And more importantly, even when you get “more,” it may not be what you need if you cannot handle the firehose of activity that could ensue.

For growing organizations, here are some key questions to consider.

1. You want more leads, but if you get a significant increase in web inquiries, do you have the internal resources to qualify, follow up and manage the potential sales activity?

2. You want more social media engagement, but do you have a dedicated resource to consistently concept, write, develop and post meaningful content three to five times a week?

3. You want shiny, glossy sales materials to get a customer’s attention, but are you clear about the problem you solve for your potential customers and how you do it in a unique and effective way?

4. You want media coverage, but do you have anything newsworthy to cover? If you do, is your story packaged properly for a reporter to use? And is your primary spokesperson trained to handle a reporter and their potentially predatory questions?

5. You want your marketing programs to show immediate ROI, but you have no way to measure how leads convert from an unknown prospect into a customer relationship.

It’s been said that marketing is the drumbeat of an organization, but you must have the actual drum and drummer in charge of regularly beating it to have a drumbeat. While this seems ridiculously basic, it’s amazing how many organizations remain clueless about how marketing programs actually work.

Cumulus Communications can help navigate which programs make the most sense for your organization and the investment that makes sense given your business objectives. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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