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Is Your Brand in Pieces?

Consistent branding seems like it should be a no brainer. Large companies invest millions to ensure their brand is protected and have a marketing team that keeps the brand consistent. The infamous “brand police” regularly ensure colors, logos and tag line are consistent no matter where they appear.

However, smaller companies can have an incredibly fragmented brand. This happens for several understandable reasons that could include:

  • While bootstrapping to open, different design companies were used to create logos, websites, collateral material and social media platforms, or maybe all the design was DIY to stay ultimate low budget.

  • As acquisitions or change of ownership (CHOWs) happened, it could have been cost prohibitive at the time or low on the priority list to fold the new acquisitions into the corporate brand platform.

  • The company decided to update the logo but didn’t realize that everything with the old logo would need to be trashed and replaced – including thousands of name badges and signage scattered in hundreds of locations, so now there are logos that could be two generations old still out there.

While to many executives it may not seem like a big deal, to your potential customers, patients and employees, it sends a very bad message as your company looks sloppy and uncaring of something that should be precious – your brand image.

It leaves the question – what else are you so careless about?

After you have recognized you have a brand in pieces, an outside resource can help by doing an audit of all your assets and developing a plan to get the brand consistent everywhere it currently lives.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation and put together a brand audit for you to start the new year with a plan to get your brand consistent.

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