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Our strategists bring deep experience from agency, corporate and entrepreneur viewpoints. This makes our approach just a little more… strategic.

We take clients through an initial discovery process to determine which campaigns and programs will offer the highest return on investment based on very specific goals. This helps us ensure we have clear expectations from the beginning of a client relationship to foster a long-term partnership based on trust and understanding.

We ask a few key questions to help get started:

Why are you here.png

While you may be visiting this site to learn about a new agency that could help you grow, let’s zoom out first. Why is your organization here? What purpose do you serve? What value are you trying to create in this world? How are you helping humanity?

We have to get very clear about your “why” before we can go to the next step.

Who will help you.png

Do you need investors for your startup or next round of financing? What talent do you need to hire and why did they go into this profession? For customers, are you targeting grandmothers, teenagers or middle-aged industry executives? What do these people look like, how do they consume information and where do they currently find you or others like you? What are their hopes and dreams? And most importantly, how do you create value for them?

Let’s get smart about the people you want to influence, so we know best how to reach them. 

Where are you today.png

A few simple data points can give us the baseline we need and can measure to gauge our program’s impact. Current revenue, employee retention, fund raising to date, stock price, customer satisfaction – all of these are potential metrics we can use to track our progress. If you do not have data, let's get it.

What can we do.png

Now we can break out the white board and start brainstorming the meaningful campaigns and programs that will create a powerful echo chamber of influence with your target audiences. As we consider strategies and tactics, we can incorporate sales funnel trigger points, employee lifecycle considerations and investor cycles to be as strategic as possible. 

Here’s a sample list of the tools Cumulus Communications can provide:   


Would you like to have a conversation about how we can support you on your mission?

Connect with us today to schedule an initial consultation. 

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