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As intern strategist of Cumulus Communications, Bailey Metzger brings a fresh perspective as she gets to learn how a company gets off the ground, starts working with new clients and grows to provide sustainable value for humanity.  

Currently a business major at the University of Kansas, she is learning all the conceptual pieces of how to start and grow a business, and as an intern with Cumulus, she will get to incorporate the concepts she works to benefit the company and its clients. 

“While I’ve got years of studying in the classroom, this internship will allow me to bring all my ideas and concepts to life,” said Metzger. “I’m excited to really put my hard work to use.” 

In her role as an intern strategist, she will help with many of the nuts and bolts of running the organization and support the logistics of new client onboarding and weekly status report creation. The role will evolve as her skills and client work needs expand. 

“Even at a young age, Bailey was really good at solving puzzles,” says Cumulus Principal Strategist Michelle Metzger. “She loves figuring out the source of the problem, understanding what can be done to fix it and seeing it through to the resolution – especially if it brings a smile to someone’s face. She’s going to be a natural at this!”

In addition to her degree major or business management, Metzger also is pursuing a minor in Greek and Roman classics. An aspiring entrepreneur herself, she brings wide eyes, a desire to learn and a drive like no other! 

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